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About me:


How I started to write in French…

As soon as I could read and write, I started writing little poems in my mother tongue, French.  At home, my parents had made a playroom with a huge blackboard for my sister, brother and me. I loved scribbling my poems on it and always tried to negotiate more space than my third of the board.

My other favourite room was…my bedroom which was on the second floor of a 100 year old house, with creaking wooden floor, in Orleans, in the centre of France. I had a nice view on black roofs which turned silver when it rained.

And English…

When I was ten, I had my first English lesson… I still remember how much fun it was to pronounce all those new words and sounds. Cat, pen, sit… the world was getting a new dimension. I enjoyed the new words like warm pieces of bread. I have never ceased to love learning languages since then; it is my favourite hobby along with dance.  And it is so nice when I understand bits of conversation whileI travel or make people smile when I try to say a few words!

And to illustrate:

I discovered painting on another roof, ten years ago in Morocco. It was quiet: the muezzin had just called for maghrib prayer, the prayer right after sunset, and it was Ramadan so people were happy to break fast. The light was beautiful and the city was peaceful. My two kids were quietly drawing so I borrowed one of their coloured pencils and started to look at the iron lamp on the wall of the terrace and drew it. When I looked down at my piece of paper, the lamp was there… it was a magic moment.

And do picture books:

In 2003, my husband, my two boys and I left France and moved to Minnesota. I took drawing and water colour lessons at the Minnetonka Centre of Art. I had quit my job so had finally time to write. My very first book was Granny’s Rug. Then I wrote in French “Es-tu mon Papa” and its twin story in English “Are you my Mummy”. One year later, we moved to Hong Kong and MCCM published Es-tu mon Papa/Are you Mummy.

What else do I do?

My background and first job is accounting. But because I like telling stories and illustrate them, I have set up my own company A and B make 3 , teaching financial literacy. So I write stories and draw cartoons to help people, children and adults, understand more about money..


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